Account of surviving June massacre in Tikrit

Surviving June’s massacre in Tikrit — this is a NYT video blog which provides an account by Ali al-Kadhim about surviving the June 2014 ISIS massacre in Tikrit:

“Back now at his family home here in southern Iraq, Mr. Kadhim, 23, recounted his story on a recent afternoon while taking a break from harvesting dates in his uncle’s orchard.

His is one of a very few witness accounts, and perhaps the most detailed, to emerge after the June massacre of Iraqi soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher, a former American army base in Tikrit, Mr. Hussein’s hometown.

Mr. Kadhim spoke plainly and evenly about his experience, and how he set off from the riverbank on a nearly three-week, underground railroad-style journey through insurgent badlands, relying on sympathetic Sunnis to deliver him to safety.”